Sr.No. Size Pcs. / Box Sq. Ft. / Box Sq. Mtr. / Box Weight/ Box Thickness(mm) Total Box / Cont. Total Sq.Mtr. / Cont. Total Wt.
1 800x800 2 13.78 1.28 33.50 11.00 800 1024 26800
  • Colour shown are as accurate as the limitations of the printing process will allow.
  • Slight Shade & Size variation is an inherent Property of Ceramic / Vitrified tiles.
  • Prospective customers are advised to inspect a simple of the tile before ordering.
  • Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given.
  • Some times variation in shade or size being inherent to ceramic industry may occur.
  • Declaimer: Ascent reserves the right to delete & amend either totally or partially, any of Colours, Shapes, Sizes references and other technical specification contained in this catalogue at any time. the colours shown of tile in the catalogue are purely illustrate and limited to printing process. please refer actual sample before final selection. The detail of Colours, Sizes, Reference should be verified for typographical errors. SHADE & SIZE VERIFICATION are inherent Characteristics of ceramic. NO COMPLAINT SHALL BE ENTERTAINED ON TILE ALREADY LAID/FIXED Complaint of decoration done outside 'Ascent' facilities will not beentertained.